Get to know Rochelle


I give you my warmest hello as I welcome you to my personal blog.

I am a person who cares so much about other people. I want to use that to encourage, enlighten and touch each person that I come into contact with. I am a prayer warrior and a fervent seeker of Christ in my daily life. I have a deep and meaningful relationship with God and a love and passion for helping people and guiding them in their personal/spiritual growth. (We should never be complacent with where we are, we should always be growing, changing and gaining God’s wisdom in every situation we encounter).

This blog is meant to encourage those who read it and give myself a creative outlet in doing so.

I believe deep inside me that God has called me to communicate with others by preaching, teaching and encouraging others to bring them closer to him. I don’t know how that will be manifested and I am using this blog as an opportunity to touch even just one person. However, I pray that all who visits my blog find something they can be enlightened by and, more importantly, feel incredibly loved, important, and inspired.

Be blessed.

Sincerely, Rochelle