When all hope is lost, we praise you in this storm

What can you say to encourage others on a night like this? What can I do to even begin to understand the loss, devastation and worry that we are all feeling? My heart breaks for all of those who have lost everything… their cars, their homes, their belongings, and even pets.

I sit here in a warm, and DRY home that my parents own, worried about my apartment complex, but so grateful I am safe and in a place of comfort during this time. I feel so frustrated that I got so lucky to be in a home with heat, a/c, water, food, electricity, clothing, and my precious dog and family. I hate that I got to be so fortunate when I see so many other people out there dealing with so much, trying to fight for the safety of their family, and dealing with so much worry and loss. People are fighting sleep to make sure that their homes, families, and pets are safe. They are trekking out in the flood to try and provide and protect their families, and I hate that I have to stand on the sidelines and see all of this devastation without being physically capable to lend a helping hand.

All I can do at this point is pray. I don’t know the condition of my apartment, but honestly don’t really care, because I already feel so blessed to have what I have.

Our city is experiencing so much loss. When we think maybe it’ll get better, it gets worse. The storm goes back into the gulf and comes back at us, kicking us when we are down. People who have gone so far without water in their homes now are fighting against every single half inch of rain, asking God to recede more than the rain is coming down. The want to give everything I own to the shelters and the want to dive into the water in the streets and swim to friends that I see are dealing with such devastation is so extremely real.

I know that more than anything, we have a God who has authority over the storm. He is able, He is worthy, He is good, He is Sovereign, He is with us, He is Powerful, He is our shelter in the storm.

I wish I had an answer, I wish that there was something that I could do to make this go away. My heart has completely been shattered in a billion pieces crying and mourning for all of the loss. All we can do is help each other, because our lives are more important, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling so sad, and feeling so incredibly lucky – and feeling so down about being so fortunate when there are so many others out there who have lost IT ALL.

So please, join me now in my desperate prayer for our family, friends, city, and our state.

Lord God, we approach you now with such depression weighing upon our hearts. We had no idea what was to come of this storm. We had no idea what was to come and wreck our lives and take away so much. It’s so easy to blame you and to be mad at a God who claims that he loves us and lets such things happen. I know that above all, you love us madly. You care for each one of us, and I know how much you are hurting. I think about every single raindrop represents the tears you’re crying for your people that are going through so much devastation. God, we need a miracle. Father, YOU are in control of this storm. You have authority over the wind, the waves, the rain, the sea, the roads, the flooding and the conditions of our city. You have calmed the storm in the past, and you have walked on water. You have given the blind sight and given the deaf hearing. You have made the lame walk again and given hope to the hopeless. You father the orphan and love the widow. Lord God, I know you are good, even though it hurts to see all of this. Creator, you have the authority to change this storm. There are people who are close to flooding out who thought they would hopefully be in the clear. Lord God I plead with you for some restoration of our city. I know that your ways are higher and your thoughts are higher, you know the future, and you hold the earth in your hand. Please God, I beg you to wipe this storm away with the tip of your finger. Just a thought of this could calm the storm in a second. You are powerful, you are faithful, you are so so so Good. I beg of you to recede the waters and keep your people safe. I ask that you restore the hope in all of us, even though the conditions are so bad and they aren’t looking up. Lord, please listen to the prayers of your people and hear our cries. No matter what Lord, your will be done. It’s so hard to pray that when I want to pray until I get my way. I want all of this to go back to normal, but sometimes devastation is what is needed to bring us together. God, I pray that through all of this, your name will be praised and that you will be glorified as master over this storm. Help us to praise you in this storm, and lift our hands although our hearts and our souls are deep in the valley of the shadow of death. Emmanuel, we thank you for your presence and for being among us. Sovereign savior and protector, please grant my prayer, if you are willing, and stop this storm. Bring peace to your people and hope to our State. I ask you these things in your precious sons name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Please be safe. I am praying NON-STOP. Let me know if you need prayer, or anything, I will share on Facebook, try to get in touch with people or do whatever I can to help.

Sincerely, Rochelle

P.S. – Listen to these songs! Stay strong and hold on to your hope in Jesus!

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